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So, I hadn't really been checking in on my Deviant Art page here for a while.  This was in part because I was in an art slump, and hadn't made any new collages in quite some time.  Leaving Japan and resettling in the US was a pretty big shock to the system, and I just now, after a full year, feel as though I'm getting my bearings back.

Just this past couple weeks, the paper bug had bitten me again, and I've started some collages.  Finally finishing the color series I started ages ago, and been making little things like postcards and presents for friends.  No huge projects, but in the year or so since I've been active, I feel like my eye has matured, and I'm liking the results so far.

So, I came and looked at my page here, and was happily shocked to find one of my old favorites, Science, had become a Daily Deviation.  Wow!  Thank you all so much for your comments and favorites!  I'm really flattered and amazed!

I'm so happy there are people out there who still like the stuff I've made, and I do hope that the new pieces I've been working on will be to some people's liking.

Again, thanks so much!!!!
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I've been in my home in Japan about 1.5 years now, and I'm finally set up to be making art and transferring it to digital means.  Got a scanner and Wacom tablet for Christmas, and I'm enjoying working on some old things that haven't been digitized before as well as new work in progress.  Doing a lot of t-shirt designs for various competitions here in Japan.  I don't think I'm gonna make it to the next round of the Uni Qlo contest, but Graniph just started theirs, so I'm looking into that too.  Working on some writing too, so I guess production is up.  Enjoy anything that comes along this way in the near future.
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Random attack of voting solicitation!  It is art related though!

I recently submitted a design for the Uni Qlo Grand Prix T-shirt contest here in Japan.  I am psyched to have made it into the top 1000 designs, but the next step is up to you folks out there in the rest of the interwebs.  Voting on designs is taking place now!  Go to the Uni Qlo Grand Prix site ( and start voting for the designs.  Mine is a design called "End of Season", and you can see it first here:…

My profile on the site is here:…

Please check it out, vote for some shirts (mine if you so please...pretty please!!!), and enjoy!

All the Best, and Thanks!!
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Finally found time to get inspired and back into working on stuff.  I've no scanner right now, but I'll try my best to find a way to put up some new work soon, because I'm tired of being dead.  
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made it to japan. didn't get much stuff scanned before i left, sadly.  you'll all just have to wait for me to make new stuff here i guess.  sorry about the colors, i'll get to them one day.  hope we all enjoy whatever comes next.
moved back into my dad's house for the couple months i have left before moving to Japan for a year.  my computer still isn't set up yet, but once i do, i'll be finishing off uploading the color series for anyone who cares to see how it all came out.
been doing a lot of work, just not a lot of posting lately.  i'll upload the newer works in the "objectification" series in short order, but i've been very busy with something new.

normally, i work on a goal-point oriented basis.  i start out with an idea, or a picture that gives me an idea, and then find other pieces that will bring that idea to fruition.  there are very few, specific things that will work in a case like that, and i simply have to find them, and that can be fairly time consuming usually.

now, i'm trying something new out in collage, where i don't have the goal-point to work toward, but rather i start with the idea and let it expand outward from my original intention.  i'm currently working on a series that's based on color.  collages are themed by orange, red, yellow, etc.  i take as many pictures in these colors as i can find, and THEN figure out how they will go together.  it's an intereting experiment for me, and i'm enjoying the results.  

stay tuned if you're interested.
been getting a lot of art work done lately, especially at work.  made some new collages (three in two days!), been helping bibble ( with CD labels, and scanning more pieces to put up online.  after all, i can't upload new work until i've finished entering in the old stuff.  

found an issue of vouge with lots of potential.  that's got me excited.  i'm so lame, i'm the only person i know who gets all hyped up over an old magazine.  

i try as a rule not to buy cut-up materials, but to find them and mine them like natural resources.  but i have a series of works in mind that may require me to go out and purchase a magazine or two.  and not just any kind of magazine, but porn mags.  nothing super explicit, but i need naked women in as many positions as i can find them in.  i once found a playboy in the recycle bin in my dorm, and i've cut that one up to the bone, it was so much more useful than i'd ever expected.  i'm not embarrassed so much to go and buy them, but rather distraught that i'll have to go and spend money on them.  still, my good friend bibble had a great idea where i go to borders, buy a few different kinds of magazines, and then just sit in the cafe and go to work on them.  might not be a bad idea, kinda like performance art in a way, hehe.

so yeah, having a great time.  i hope it sticks around for a while and has cookies.
wow, i haven't uploaded anything in nearly a month! ouch.

i promise i'm not dead, just busy.  i have a bunch of work that just needs scanning and uploading.  i'm simply getting behind.